Monday, August 13, 2012

A New Way of Life - Well Not Life but Travel Blogging!

I have noticed that all of my observations and comments are based upon my opinion of how I feel at the hotel, restaurant, rental car counter, etc.  I have devised a new way of rating that will be easier to understand.  I have made a chart of specific items that I will observe while I am at a hotel, restaurant, rental car counter, etc.  I will explain the rating system fully and everyone will have a very good impression of what I saw and felt and how the cleanliness and customer service stands up to other hotels or restaurants based on the chart.

** Remember for my cleanliness rating that I do a 'white sock test' on the floor and a 'white glove test' on the furniture because I don't care if I pay $50 or $500 the least I can expect is for a room to be clean.

** Remember that I always ask for Extra Towels and Pillows so if I am only receiving 2 towels do you only receive 1 when you don't ask for extra?

For my hotel ratings I use a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being the lowest score and 5 being the highest score. The ratings can be explained as follows:

1 = Please don't make me stay here again
2 = Below what I would consider Average for the hotel type, price, etc
3 = Average 
4 = Above Average
5 = Exceptional and I would rather stay here than at home!

I will also provide a little narrative as to why my choices are what they are for the particular observation.

Here is an example of a chart for a fake hotel:

Nice Dreams Hotel, Orlando, Florida - August 12-16, 2012

This is a totally fake hotel!!  This is Just a preview of how I will rate hotels.
Location: 4  Convenient to restaurants and shops, easy to find
Attitude of Staff: 5 Very friendly offering directions and suggestions on places to go and see
Cleanliness of carpets and flooring: 2 Carpet dirty, corners and grout in bathroom dirty, white socks filty
Freshness/ Smell: 4 Everything smelled fine only a slight smoky odor in the halls
Bathroom: 3 Very small and the hot water was never really hot
Air Conditioner or Heat: 5 Worked wonderfully
Towels: 3 Hard and scratchy two towels provided
Pillows: 5 Very nice pillows five provided
Bed: 5 Clean soft sheets and the most comfortable mattress I have ever experienced
Breakfast: 3 Hot buffet, well stocked but same items every day, overcooked dry eggs, half raw bacon
Noise: 4 Only occasional noise from other rooms
Cleanliness of room: 4 Only slight dust on the gloves
Fridge and Microwave provided in the room
Notes: I did not use the valet parking, the pool or the exercise room so I cannot comment on these items
Comments: The bathtub was very slippery.  Part of the week the internet worked fine and then it stopped working and no one seemed to have a clue as to how to fix it.  I would stay in this hotel again as it seems to be the best option for the area for the price paid. 

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